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David Pachula
2020-03-13 16:00

The online version is always up to date. Patches are part of all new downloads of the offline version. Users of the offline version will be informed when a major update is available, not for Patches.

Offline versions can be updated by downloading the offline version zip and overwritting the old VDA 6.3 Analysis Tool folder with the new one.

22.01.18   Potential Analysis Module - P6 Questions did not appear in the action plan

15.03.18   Potential Analysis Module -  Reports appear in "All Reports" after pressing print

27.03.18  Application - Active report can't be reloaded again through "All Reports", Added Backup Button to Start

01.05.18  Application - Improved Translations, Field Manager of Audit Organisation is editable in the input mask

 05.06.18  VDA6.3 Analysis Module - Increased required question in P6 from 17 (65,3 % of 26)  to 18 (69,2 % of 26)

07.06.18  Application - Improved Translations

09.07.18  Appication -  Corrected Spanish Translation

22.07.18  Update to Version 1.1

  • Renamed Manager of Audit Organisation to Manger of Audit Department and added the field to input mask
  • Added Auto Backup Function
  • Improved Import/Export functionalities
  • Added new Functionality "Print Questions"
  • Now all question from n.b. to 10 are printed in the report
  • Questions are printed in the report
  • n.b. questions are part of the Action Plan
  • Imporvements on the core
  • Offline Version contains asian fonts as well, unified version of the tool

01.08.18  Report Priniting - Fixed for Version 1.1: Missing Report No;  Missing Organisation for Participants

08.10.18  Report Priniting - Reducing the amount of product groups from 2 to 1 leaves a product groups fragment in the printed report

18.11.18  Update to Version 1.5

  • Requirements can be shown and printed
  • Company specific requirements can be added
  • Company specific downgrades can be added
  • Reports can be shown as Graphs an up to 3 reports can be compared
  • Images can be added and named and even printed
  • Address book function
  • Reasons for Downgrading are shown and printed in the report
  • Report lists can be filtered
  • Reports can be copied or used as template
  • Different usability features and additional warnings
  • Active Notification for patches/updates in offline version

27.05.19  Update to Version 1.6

  • Improved presentation on tablets (Easy to use offline solution is in preparation, for now please start the tool while you have an internet connection and use it than offline)
  • Improved translations
  • Usability Improvements: Application Settings, Import of Backup and Reports on Startpage
  • New Report Type Field Failure Analysis in German and English

04.06.19 Version 1.6.0 Small fix

  • added missing remove function to images
  • directed calculation in questions fixed
  • traslations improved

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